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Safia’s colleagues and friends know she couldn’t have achieved the change she has without her passion, creativity and positive drive for change!

"Safia is a speaker whose passion and energy would help inspire even the naysayers on the subject matter of a better world - better business practice and sustainability. What's more she's a truly genuine and open person and that comes across too"

Wayne Hemingway MBE,

“Safia Minney is a rare speaker. Playful and mischievous, visionary and innovate, this is the voice of a fashion giant. Having created happiness, security, profitability and independence for her fair trade suppliers, Safia can talk the walk of sustainable fashion retail. Building up a unique supply chain first hand, repeatedly creating desirable collections and overseeing high-profile collaborations, listeners will be enthralled by her words and experiences.

“This woman is in possession of true fashion authenticity and real heart.”

Caryn Franklin MBE

Safia Minney is considered one of the leading social entrepreneurs in Japan and we have invited her to speak to Patagonia staff and customers to introduce her work in creating a sustainable & Fair Trade supply chains. She is fluent in Japanese, and gave a captivating presentation and great exchange with our audience - I think she's a very warm and engaging person that helps inspire new leaders for tomorrow to change the world. "

Takayuki Tsujii

“Safia has spoken several times at the World Economic Forum's meetings in Davos where she is recognized as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs by the Schwab Foundation. She has always come up with thought provoking and inspiring presentations to a sophisticated and diverse audience. She wasn’t fazed when surprise guests Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie joined her table 3 minutes before she gave her lunchtime presentation."

Mirjam Schöning