Pakistan Fashion DNA – mentoring


Pakistan Fashion DNA – mentoring Safia Minney writes: It was wonderful working with some of Pakistan’s most creative fashion designers Zuria Dor, Gulabo, Pink Tree, Jeem, Munib Nawaz & Sonya Battla as part of a program to promote ethics and culture by the British Council. Despite having a rich handcraft and textile heritage, unlike countries like […]

Safia Minney’s “Slave to Fashion” Book Launch at the Duke of Cambridge

Book Cover Slave to FASHION

Slave to Fashion Book launch 24 April 2017 Safia writes:    It’s an historic day to launch a book.  The 4th anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh killing over 1,000 garment factory workers who work under highly exploitative conditions to make the clothes we buy, often for the price of a lunch, on […]