Plastic micro-fibre pollution from laundry in tap water


Flo Nolan, ethical fashion lifestyle writer, interviews Safia Minney and discusses plastic micro-fibre pollution in tap water, from laundering clothes. You spoke at the Fashion SVP seminar “Sustainable Sourcing: Fresh Challenges, New Opportunities” bringing together specialsists to discuss what the fashion industry can do about micro-fibre pollution from clothing wash off.  Why should we care? Mircro-fibres caught the […]

‘Fair Trade’ added to Encyclopedia Britannica

Britannica Fair Trade

Safia Minney writes: Great to see the new entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica for Fair Trade after over 30 years of what many would argue is the most significant grassroots movement for social justice and sustainability of our time. It has also led to the development of the MDGs (Millennium Development goals) and SDGs (Sustainable […]

Creating a Fashion Revolution


Some lovely people recognise me as the pioneer of sustainable fashion, they even stop me to chat on the tube in Tokyo or London. I started my journey 27 years ago in Japan where I created People Tree the world’s leading Fair Trade and sustainable brand, indeed, creating a fashion revolution. I built supply chains […]

Safia Minney, Fairtrade guest speaker at Oxford University’s Wadham College

Join us in Oxford for an inspiring evening Safia Minney MBE is delighted to announce that she will be guest speaker at Oxford University’s Wadham College for the Oxford Fairtrade Coalition AGM Monday 29 January 2018 6.30pm – 9pm. (share this via twitter here) Safia will be talking about her experiences of founding a Fair Trade […]

Reflecting on 2017

CS Lewis Quote Jan-18

Thank you for all your support last year! 2017 was a tough year for many… A year that many of us felt a shift… A year when many of us felt that through the transition good things could come…in the words of C.S.Lewis: “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start […]