Transcription of The Ethical Agenda EPISODE 7: XR BOYCOTT FASHION & XR FASHION ACTION

In this moving interview with XR Boycott Fashion and XR Fashion Action, Safia explores the response of the fashion industry to the “diabolical wake up call” of the Climate and Ecological emergency facing us today. Below, you will find the transcription of the podcast. If you would rather listen, the links are below: 🔊 LISTEN /safia-minney-meets-xr-boycott-fashion-xr-fashion-action […]

BRAZIL and the Fair Trade Movement – Fair Trade Innovates

“Fair Trade is a way to make a difference, it gives an opportunity for workers to control their future.” Fair Trade Innovates We need BIG solutions for international business and trade now. And the Fair Trade movement has a lot to offer the debate in the work that follows post climate and ecological emergency declarations […]