2018 annual UK TOP100 corporate modern slavery influencers’ index rankings announced

Safia Minney, MBE, has been recognised as the #9 influencer in the inaugural 2018 Annual UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index.

Index recognises individuals from all business sectors, third sector, media and academia who are influencers in raising awareness to end modern slavery and labour exploitation.

top100index Safia Minney
The inaugural 2018 Annual UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index, co-created and co-curated by BRE and Sustain Worldwide, has been conceived to simultaneously raise awareness of modern slavery and labour exploitation while recognising the key influencers who are supporting its eradication. Anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice is the official charitable partner.
The Index is based on the combination of influence on social media, as measured by Kred scores, and advocacy – policy input, speaking and media engagement – in public life, which is evaluated by desktop research. The two metrics are then aggregated via a proprietary algorithm and evenly weighted to produce the final rankings. An independent panel has verified the Index’s transparency, impartiality and robustness.

The rankings were announced on 26 September by Baroness Young of Hornsey OBE at a Recognition Dinner held at RIBA, Central London.
Safia Minney addressed more than 100 of her fellow influencers and guests at the Recognition Dinner, said:
“I am honoured to be recognised as having influence as part of this movement against modern slavery. We must all stand up for what is just and decent as human beings. For me, it’s been a personal journey of 30 years, and through the generations, as my great grand-mother was a bonded labourer in a sugar plantation. My passion and anger comes from seeing the violence and institutional corruption that silences, exploits, and abuses human beings. Our legal systems are largely dysfunctional in the developing world, where private security forces vastly out-number the police, who are in any case often corrupt. Victims of human trafficking, child labour, and forced and bonded workers rarely have recourse to the law or safe-haven. I’ve dedicated my life to proving Fair Trade and ethical business is economically possible. We all say that slavery is abhorrent, shocking and disgraceful, but we continue to buy products and services that are clearly made by people in slavery. The middle and professional classes are absolutely complicit in this. They can afford to buy and support Fair Trade and ethical brands and help create a level playing field, so these better brands like People Tree and Po-Zu, can thrive and continue to set the agenda for change.
We need to overhaul international trade. We need import controls for companies where there is not credible evidence that their workers and sub-contractors’ workers, are paid the local living wage. People around the world care and have worked tirelessly to build and be part of the Fair Trade and organic movement, but now we need effective policy from the UK and other governments.”

The rankings of the 2018 Top100 influencers can be viewed at www.MSA4Construction.com/Top100Index2018Rankings/

Safia Minney MBE is Founder of People Tree and has been a pioneer in ethical business and a campaigner for corporate accountability and eco-friendly lifestyle for more than 30 years, here and in Japan.  Safia has established Fair Trade supply chain solutions, initiated World Fair Trade Day with the WFTO, and has defined PR and marketing campaigns and the strategic directions needed to reach new markets. At the heart of everything she has done has been a creative force and passion to deliver social impact, human rights and sustainability. Safia is currently managing director of ethical footwear brand, Po-Zu and is author of 9 books, including ‘Slave to Fashion’, which exposes modern slavery in the fashion industry.

Modern Slavery is an ‘umbrella’ term for labour exploitation, forced labour, child labour and human trafficking. In 2017, 5,145 potential victims were referred to Britain’s National Referral Mechanism, a 35 per cent increase on the previous year. The UK Government has estimated there are between 10,000-13,000 people held in modern slavery in Britain today. The Global Slavery Index has estimated there are 45.8million people across 167 countries in modern day slavery.

Po-Zu will be running a 25% website wide sales promotion of slavery-free, ethically produced sustainable footwear to celebrate, use code GLOBAL25 

Safia says: “So honoured, thank you #sustainworldwide, lovely to be in a room amongst such an inspiring community, with great friends Livia (@liviafirth) and Lucy (@theseagull). Please join me to take a stand and only buy slavery free products.”



Po-Zu launches The Christmas Sustainable Style Edit

Sustainable Style Edit

Could there be a clearer message from our planet, than the climate change of this summer and last few weeks, that we need to live more sustainably?

Po-Zu launches The Christmas Sustainable Style Edit

The anti-plastics debate has hotted up too, with supermarkets moving to ban plastics from its fruit & veg aisles, and few fashion debates don’t touch on micro fibre pollution with over 200,000 plastic fibres washing off polyester clothing to pollute 83% of tap water world-wide {CLICK read more about that here on my blog}.

Veganism hhttp://www.safia-minney.com/blog/plastic-micro-fibre-pollution-from-laundry-in-tap-water/as grown SIX fold to THREE million people in UK in just two years; and large corporations are coming to grips with how to eradicate Modern Slavery from their supply chains and what meeting the Sustainable Development Goals means. Unsurprisingly, Christmas gift giving is changing too. If people are going to buy new, increasingly they want to buy ethically and sustainably.

At Po-Zu, we make shoes differently. We use the best sustainable materials, organic cotton, cork, pineapple leaf fibre, chrome-free leather and we don’t pollute the air our workers breath with harmful toxins from glues. Our workers work in safe factories where the highest ethical standards are in place.

• Our best loved styles such as the Sneak, the Alma boot, Liv boot and the Wrap Chrome-free leather Chelsea boot are back by popular demand.

• New styles will include a non-leather sneaker which nods to the continuing athleisure trend, a vegan snow boot – the comfy and cosy après ski boot.

• The Star Wars line features a high-quality leather Resistance sneaker and the Rebel Combat and a wide collection of sneakers for Star Wars fans and cosplayers.

“Seasons may come and go but the ethical footwear trend is here to stay, which is why we are also introducing new styles, the majority of which are also vegan, for this season. It’s been incredibly exciting building our ethical and sustainable supply chain in Sri Lanka and we’re so pleased to be able to offer customers an even wider collection of ethically-made footwear at prices that are ever more affordable.” – Sven Segal, CEO of Po-Zu

Watch how our shoes are made: http://bit.ly/po-zu-ethos-video

For Press inquiries, please contact: Kate Osborne & Sacha Holub,

press@po-zu.com +44 207 2637 588

Access high-res product images: http://bit.ly/po-zu-aw18-high-res

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