Reflecting on 2017

Thank you for all your support last year! 2017 was a tough year for many… A year that many of us felt a shift… A year when many of us felt that through the transition good things could come…in the words of C.S.Lewis: "You can't go back and change the beginning, but...

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Resolutions for 2018

Safia writes: When asked to share advice and suggestions for a 'New Year's Resolution' - I'm keeping it simple - so 2018's resolution plan for us all should cover HEALTH, Conscious consuming and SLOW LIVING. CONSUME Consciously I am tired with being part of a bankrupt...

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Guest Post – Slowing Down, A Woodland Gathering

🍂Slowing Down🍂 Guest post from Laurie, A Woodland Gathering: Laurie writes: After years of living in constant fear in a fast-paced world I became consumed by anxiety and OCD. Slowing down my pace of life and being mindful of the world around me has massively helped in...

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Sourcing an ethical shoe supply chain for Po-Zu

Join the Shoe Revolution It’s a delight to put your experience to the TEST in a completely new product sector - this time for shoes rather than clothes and organic foods.... In January 2017, I started working as Managing Director with Po-Zu's wonderful founder Sven...

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Black Friday, or ‘Buy Nothing’ Day

Whilst running  Ethical and Fair Trade businesses over the last two decades, events such as a SALE or BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY always fill me with gloom…and if I’m honest, irritation. Why, you may ask? Well, this is because the present economic system is utterly...

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Frequently asked questions – Safia Minney

Safia is often asked MANY questions about why she made the decision to make a career working within, and speaking publicly about fair trade and sustainable fashion, and eradicating modern slavery in the fashion industry. Here's a few of those questions - and Safia's...

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Jaz O’Hara Founder of The Worldwide Tribe in conversation

Safia Minney chats with Jaz O'Hara, founder of A humanitarian organisation supporting refugees. 1. You organisation does amazing work on the ground and raising awareness of refugees – how do you split your time? Which has been the most effect...

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WIN a fair trade Tshirt, and Duffle Bag from Slave to Fashion

COMPETITION TIME Modern Slavery in fashion... How do we eradicate it? We can start by TALKING about it - and here at the 'Slave To Fashion' project, led by founder of People Tree and Managing Director of Po-Zu, @Safia_Minney, we want to hear from you. Tag a friend,...

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Pakistan Fashion DNA – mentoring

Pakistan Fashion DNA - mentoring Safia Minney writes: It was wonderful working with some of Pakistan’s most creative fashion designers Zuria Dor, Gulabo, Pink Tree, Jeem, Munib Nawaz & Sonya Battla as part of a program to promote ethics and culture by the British...

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Slave to Fashion Book featured on Fairtrade Foundation blog

What do you know about modern slavery in fashion by Safia Minney, Founder of People Tree and Managing Director of Po-Zu (ethical footwear company) Safia launches her new book 'Slave to Fashion' during Fashion Revolution Week. The book discusses modern slavery in...

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