Safia Minney is a pioneer of the Fair Trade and sustainable fashion movement with over 25 years developing Fair Trade supply chains, sustainable innovation and production, branding and retail.

Safia is seen as one of the key people in the Fair Trade industry and brings her expertise and experience to help businesses embrace sustainability and transparency in their supply chains and communications, (digital, content and advocacy).


Safia works with companies to identify and respond to their changing customers’ needs, to research and communicate a new corporate vision that engages customers and employees to be the change.

Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable, responsibly sourced products that are made by companies who are showing commitment to radically cutting carbon emissions.

Ethical branding is an opportunity to make the business case for better business, it also helps companies communicate what they are doing right.


From fibre to manufacture and branding, we can help you improve your supply chain to meet best practice in Fair Trade and Organic international standards.

We look at operations and critical path and product categories to help companies decide where and how to start ethical, Fair Trade and sustainable manufacture.


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