I’m happy I founded People Tree thirty years ago to put the issue of women’s rights and protection of nature central to our social enterprise. I’m grateful to our committed customers, the team I worked alongside, the producer partners and media people and influencers for all their support in making that a reality.

Collage of 30 years of People Tree by founder Safia Minney

The next five years are critical as we need to mainstream this thinking and practice to build pathways to net zero by 2030 latest 2040 that leaves no one behind. Thousands of organisations

Are declaring a climate, ecological and social crisis and building and putting into action their sustainability and climate plans. We all have great expectations for a global carbon tax, strong policy and commitment at COP26. Thank you for all your support and for being part of the ongoing struggle for a better system and a fairer world.

Safia Minney, Founder, People Tree Japan and UK.

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