What is The Ethical Agenda?
The Ethical Agenda is a discussion platform with big ambitions – to create inspiring debate on sustainability and social inclusion. Some of the world’s most innovative and exciting minds are creating solutions to strengthen and heal our society. Our Ethical Agenda Podcast series aims to raise general awareness of social enterprise, sustainability and the people behind the movement – the social entrepreneurs, the campaigners, the big thinkers.

We discover what makes them tick, what motivates them, what obstacles they have faced and how they collaborate to mainstream their thinking.

Our 30 minute podcast conversations will feature new and inspiring approaches to leadership in social justice, sustainability and climate action.

Episode 16: Natalie Fee

Natalie Fee is an award-winning author, environmental campaigner and founder of City to Sea – a Bristol-based non profit working to stop global plastic pollution at source.

Episode 15: John Steel

In Fair Trade Fortnight, Safia talks to John Steel, CEO of the pioneering coffee company Café Direct about the positive impact fair trade has on producers and the environment and it’s role in systems change.

Episode 14: Julia Barrett

Julia Barrett, Chief Sustainability Officer of Wilmott Dixon discusses how sustainable construction contributes to reducing carbon emissions and resolving social inequality.

Episode 13: Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt,Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, formerly Director of Friends of the Earth, world renowned environmentalist and writer talks about the urgency of the transition from a fossil fuel economy, intergenerational justice, regeneration, how anger drives him and the leadership he would like to see in the fashion industry and more.

Episode 12: Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar, Co founder and originator of the Schumacher College and editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine. Our very own “Santa Satish bringing the joy of a simple life to remind us about real happiness

Episode 11: Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett – professional campaigner and founder of the Craftivist Collective talks to Safia about gentle protest.

Episode 10: Michael Gidney

Safia celebrates 25 years of Fairtrade with Michael Gidney, Chief Executive of the Fairtrade Foundation and long term advocate of producer’s rights.


Cindy Berman is the Head of Modern Slavery Strategy at the Ethical Trading Initiative,a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe.

Episode 8: BEVIS WATTS

Bevis Watts is challenging the way banking is done and championing ethical finance as chief executive of Triodos Bank UK, the UK branch of one of the biggest ethical banks in Europe

Episode 7: XR Boycott Fashion and XR Fashion Action

In this moving interview with XR Boycott Fashion and XR Fashion Action, Safia explores the response of the fashion industry to the “diabolical wake up call” of the Climate and Ecological emergency facing us today.


Safia talks to Tamsin Lejeune, CEO of Common Objective, the intelligent network for the fashion industry, connecting businesses who want to make a positive impact for people and the environment.


Safia talks to Co–founder of Extinction Rebellion Clare Farrell about her personal journey from being “embedded in the machine” of retail fashion to leading the hugely influential activist movement against climate collapse.


Rob Hopkins is a co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network, and the author of “The Power of Just Doing Stuff“, “The Transition Handbook“, and “The Transition Companion“. He talks to Safia about the creation of Transition Towns and how he sees environmental movements evolving. He discusses his new book “From What Is to What If” and its central premise that imagination is the key to solving the climate emergency.


Former i-D Magazine fashion editor and BBC Broadcaster for 15 years, writer, author and academic, Professor Caryn Franklin MBE is a pioneering voice for gender equality and body image. She talks to Safia about how fashion and ethical consumers are building new ways of working to embrace diversity and promote inclusion, empowerment and mental health.


Paul Allen is project leader for Zero Carbon Britain at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. He talks to Safia about the science behind reaching a zero carbon target by 2030 and how we can all become “Climate Change Makers”.


In our first episode, Safia meets one of the UK’s best known environmentalists and activists George Monbiot. They discuss his talk at the Oxford Brookes University Annual GPES Lecture, “Environmental Breakdown and How to Stop It.

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