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‘Slave to Fashion’ book and campaign raises awareness of modern slavery in the fashion industry and shows how it can be eradicated by business and us as consumers.

Safia and her team have years of experience and will research and make micro documentaries and interviews. They will bring you the stories of men, women and children caught in slavery, making the clothes sold on the high street, in Europe and the developing world.

The book will also profile best practice of brands and designers within the fashion industry to prove that slave-free fashion is achievable and fashion can be used to empower workers - whilst creating beautiful, competitive and accessible fashion.

From 2015, the Modern Slavery Act requires medium to large-sized companies to report on what they are doing to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains. If not, they need to declare it.

‘Slave to Fashion’ book and campaign brings in the facts, stories and actions we must take to eradicate modern slavery

How you can help

The funding will be used to research, visit and conduct interviews, write, photograph and produce micro documentaries in the UK, Europe and the developing world.


June - November 2016

Planning and undercover reporting, interviews and photography and documentary production.

September-December 2016

Article writing and editing for book and campaign materials.

December 2016 - January 2017

Final editing and book layout.

February 2017

Printing of book and educational materials on ‘Slave to Fashion’ micro site.

8th of March 2017

International Women’s Day - launch campaign together with other organisations and advocates in the social justice and ethical fashion movements internationally


International Women’s Day - launch campaign together with other organisations and advocates in the social justice and ethical fashion movements internationally



Safia Minney, MBE - Author & Project Director

Safia Minney has 30 years of publishing and media experience. She is an award winning international social entrepreneur, author of ‘Naked Fashion’ and ‘Slow Fashion’, and founder and director of People Tree.

Miki Alcalde - Photographer & Filmmaker

Miki Alcalde has been working as a photographer and videographer alongside Safia Minney for the past 8 years, in more than 20 assignments documenting People Tree’s producers in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Bolivia, as well as documenting press trips of Emma Watson, Liz Jones, Jo Wood and Laura Bailey.

Matt Morgan - Graphic Designer & Communications Strategist

Matt Morgan set up Fact Studio, a graphic design and branding agency, to champion the power of effective design and communication as a catalyst for change and social good.

Wendy Chapman - Editorial & Project Coordinator

Wendy Chapman has been a Production Manager for over 20 years, working with creatives on successful charity campaigns, including RNIB and British Heart Foundation. She and Safia go back 30 years and recently re-joined forces with ‘Slow Fashion – Aesthetics meets Ethics’ on editorial and production.

Walton Li - Fundraising Coordinator

Walton Li is a start-up specialist and environmentalist whose experience spans across green tech start-up, biofuel energy, conversation and volunteering.