Episode 12: Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is a “Living Legend”, author of 9 books, activist, co-founder and originator of the Schumacher College and editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine.

Safia talks to him about his new book “Elegant Simplicity, the Art of Living Well” which advocates, “Living simply is a prerequisite for sustainability”. They discuss how “we cannot separate the personal from the political” if we as a society are to create a systems change that will redress the balance of wealth and natural resources.

Satish explains “Everybody is a special kind of leader” – we all have a role to play and we can develop courage to lead by trusting ourselves. He discusses the importance of trust in building a sustainable future and strengthening relationships.

The courses at Schumacher College are bound by the theme of the earth and the unity of humans and nature.
Nature is not a resource of the economy it is resource of life.


Elegant Simplicity, the Art of Living Well
Schumacher College
Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine

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