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Safia’s colleagues and friends know she couldn’t have achieved the change she has without her passion, creativity and positive drive for change!

Wayne Hemingway MBE

"Safia is a speaker whose passion and energy would help inspire even the naysayers on the subject matter of a better world - better business practice and sustainability. What's more she's a truly genuine and open person and that comes across too."

Wayne Hemingway MBE, Designer, Hemingway Design

Caryn Franklin MBE

"Safia Minney is a rare speaker. Playful and mischievous, visionary and innovate, this is the voice of a fashion giantHaving created happiness, security, profitability and independence for her fair trade suppliers, Safia can talk the walk of sustainable fashion retail. Building up a unique supply chain first hand, repeatedly creating desirable collections and overseeing high-profile collaborations, listeners will be enthralled by her words and experiences.

This woman is in possession of true fashion authenticity and real heart."

Caryn Franklin MBE, Fashion Commentator and Activist

Caryn Franklin MBE

"I'm a great supporter of Safia and her creation of People Tree that proves she is a leader in the field of ethical fashion and works with the utmost integrity to develop supply chain, sustainable products, and retail."

Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco Age & Ethical Fashion Ambassador.

Caryn Franklin MBE

" Safia Minney has spent years pioneering a desperately needed re-shaping of modern day fashion. Her work over the years has served to constantly challenge, inspire and shape a new face of fashion all over the world. Slow Fashion is a beautifully crafted invitation to each of us and all of us to be a part of building the kind of world we wish to live in and leave behind. With great humanity and clarity Safia challenges conventional thinking and opens up the possibility for a better future up ahead."

Andrew Morgan, Director True Cost Movie

Takayuki Tsujii

"Safia Minney is considered one of the leading social entrepreneurs in Japan and we have invited her to speak to Patagonia staff and customers to introduce her work in creating a sustainable & Fair Trade supply chains. She is fluent in Japanese, and gave a captivating presentation and great exchange with our audience - I think she's a very warm and engaging person that helps inspire new leaders for tomorrow to change the world."

Takayuki Tsujii, Managing Director - Patagonia Japan

Romy Fraser OBE

"I'm really excited by what Safia has been able to create over the years, whether it's pioneering Fair trade and organic supply chains or innovative product and retail. She walks the talk and she's brilliant at inspiring others to follow in her foot steps."

Romy Fraser OBE, Founder, Neals Yard Remedies and Trill Farm

Rika Sueyoshi

"Safia arranged press trips to Nepal and Bangladesh for me to meet her Fair Trade partners. It was one of the most impressive experiences in my life. She has strong relationships with the local people and first hand knowledge of development, human rights, environmental issues, production and product design and media - it was great to work together and produce some wonderful documentaries and creature articles for leading Japanese magazines."

Rika Sueyoshi, TV Presenter, Reporter and Campaigner for Ethical Fashion

Lucy Siegle, Guardian journalist

"As founder, CEO and Creative Director of People Tree Safia Minney founded a fashion brand that offers a unique proposition: authentic, producer-centric, fashion of extremely high quality and value for money. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of her supply chains and her relationships within those supply chains give the brand its point of difference in a marketplace crowded with clothing. People Tree is the standout ethical fashion brand of our time because of Safia Minney and because of her guidance at every step.

Her understanding of fashion marketing and branding, current trends and relationships with the fashion industry, from Zandra Rhodes to Peter Jensen have given engaged consumers (a growing audience) that rare thing: a credible, fashion-literate brand that brings out collections and supports REAL makers. No other Fair Trade, organic fashion brand has been able to crack this nut. That is no accident, but by Safia’s design, drive and supply-chain intelligence, relationships and vision.

I can think of no other sustainable brand where a) the consumer gets so much ethical bang for their buck or b) the journalist/opinion former gets such emersion and a thorough understanding of what ethical fashion is or means as by engaging with Safia Minney."

Lucy Siegle, Guardian journalist

Christopher Hodgson

"We asked Safia Minney, along with other journalists and leaders in sustainable and responsible supply chain to talk at the Guardian. Our hope was to open people’s eyes to the reality of what they buy and take action. Safia was inspiring and really motivated the audience. I think Safia is a leader in her field and a great speaker too. "

Christopher Hodgson, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Guardian News & Media

"Safia has spoken several times at the World Economic Forum's meetings in Davos where she is recognized as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs by the Schwab Foundation. She has always come up with thought provoking and inspiring presentations to a sophisticated and diverse audience. She wasn’t fazed when surprise guests Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie joined her table 3 minutes before she gave her lunchtime presentation."

Mirjam Schöning, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship/ World Economic Forum

"I have a lot of admiration for what Safia Minney has achieved. It’s very rare to find in the same person the ability to design and create beautiful products, to develop a successful business in a complicated and fast changing industry like fashion, to build up Fairtrade and organic supply chains in India, Bangladesh or Kenya and to deliver social, economic and environmental impact for marginalised people. Safia is a combination of these talents!

She’s a great leader and an inspiring woman and I feel very privileged to have the chance to know her."

Nicholas Mounard, CEO TWIN Trading

"By delivering dynamic, energetic and eye opening presentations over a packed two day programme, Safia inspired fashion students, church workers and social justice campaigners alike. She is authentic, truly knowledgeable about all aspects of ethical and sustainable fashion and by leading by example Safia is a social entrepreneur that certainly stands out among her peers"

Per Soderberg, Policy Adviser on Business and Human rights, Church of Sweden

"Safia Minney is an inspirational speaker with expert knowledge of Fair Trade, ethical consumption, fashion, marketing and PR. I can recommend her as being of the highest caliber both as a formal presenter and as a discussant or more informal panelist. Safia combines passion and enthusiasm with high levels of professionalism and integrity. The various audiences that she has addressed at the University of Oxford have been both informed and stimulated by her talks. She is always worth hearing speak."

Dr Alex Nicholls, MBA Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

" I've worked with Safia for over 5 years, and I have joined her for press trips and in film and photographic shoot productions in Japan, UK and Bangladesh. She leads a team of creatives and produces to a very high standard, always manages the operations perfectly where ever we are in the works and is an absolute pleasure to work with. The integrity that she brings to her work and her passion have inspired me so much over the years....and I would follow her to the end of the earth! Literally!"

DEAN NEWCOMBE, Actor, model and campaigner for ethical fashion