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Do you LOVE Fashion? HATE Sweatshops?

1) READ: Slave to Fashion

Safia Minney with Slave to FashionSafia Minney’s book raises awareness of modern slavery in the fashion industry, shows how it can be eradicated by business & consumers.
Available here from publisher New Internationalist
or on Amazon UK/US.

2) CELEBRATE: World Fair Trade Day – 12th May 2018

World Fair Trade Day, launched in 2001, has become the focal point for the Fair Trade movement to celebrate, in myriad culturally diverse ways, its achievements and to promote its aims.
Safia Minney Fair Trade Day Love Fashion Hate SweatshopsSafia says: “As consumers, we have the power to take a stand against our dysfunctional capitalist system, to make purchasing choices that reflect who we are and how we want the world to be. Things have moved on since the early days of the Fair Trade movement and pioneers such as the Body Shop.

I was swept up in the first wave of ethical consumerism and activism on that inauspicious day over 30 years ago, in Oxfam on Oxford Street, where I stumbled across a book on Third World Poverty and the need for Fair Trade.

Today, we can all be part of the second wave, which is being driven by social media and digital innovation, to ensure transparency in supply chains and demand an end to modern slavery and worker exploitation. There is also
an important place for protests and writing to MPs and brands.

My book ‘Slave to Fashion’ provides many of the tools you need to make a difference, while also highlighting some innovative projects that you can support and learn from as you continue on your own ethical journey.”

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Read more about ‘Fair Trade’ here on Safia’s blog

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