5 years after the Rana Plaza building collapse we need to be asking ourselves what has changed?

[London Sustainable Fashion Rooms – EVENT: Monday 23 – Sunday 29 April, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1 6QL

From niche to norm: Ethical fashion and footwear takes centre-stage during Fashion Revolution Week in this week-long community hub and pop-up boutique curated by Po-Zu.]

Being an optimist, and working in my niche of ethical business, I see huge change and initiatives around me that give me hope; we have the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that the better corporations are engaging with, even if motivated more by risk-proofing their businesses than doing the ‘right’ thing; also millennials are asking for transparency and questioning our flawed economic system, the growing Ethical & Fair Trade movements, The True Cost documentary and Fashion Revolution Week have helped build greater awareness, products, markets and the UK Modern Slavery Act is a piece of legislation that we can use to hold companies accountable. However, companies and the system that they have created, are still exploiting farmers and workers and our finite planetary resources and a shocking pace. Despite new interest in veganism and animal rights and plastic micro fibre pollution – it’s clear that we are NOT doing enough, quickly enough.

Human rights and environmentalism brought me to setting up a Fair Trade business and supply chains. We need alternative products, thinking and systems to shift into a new economic system. For fashion 5 years on marks a catagoric shift of change for consumers and the fashion industry. I remember working with those who lost their loved ones and were injured in Bangladesh, distributing donations of rice and supplies with NGWF, whose work we have supported for years. It’s personal to me, it’s about consumers and companies doing the right thing, so that workers can work with dignity and earn well, it’s about correcting a dysfunctional trading system and the way that we relate to each other.

I’m organising this event with some of the best ethical fashion brands and influencers in the hope that we will all learn something and that we can easily be a part of the solution – not the problem. We really hope that you’ll come along and want to share this with friends your community.

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