Slow Fashion offers ethical consumers, creatives and entrepreneurs alike a glimpse into the innovative world of the eco-concept store movement, sustainable fashion design and a business that puts people, livelihoods and environmental sustainability central to everything it does.

Safia Minney argues that the future of fashion boutiques lies in curating the best in sustainable Fair Trade fashion and organic lifestyle products, together with vintage, second hand and local produce. Shopping for unique products, each with a story to tell, will naturally promote a restorative economic lifestyle and the wellbeing of our planet, our minds and our bodies. It will also inspire growing sector – one that is shaping big business and promoting better business practice.


This book features pioneering people and projects that will inspire you to be part of the change. With full colour photography, Slow Fashion profiles the people bringing the alternative to the mainstream: Fair Trade producers, designers, eco-concept stores across the world and campaigns that are fashioning a new economy.

Slow Fashion will be available as a paperback, limited edition hardback and ebook. The book is linked to over 40 videos, bringing the articles to life.

Published in 2016

ISBN: 978-1-78026-285-7

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Safia Minney has spent years pioneering a desperately needed re-shaping of modern day fashion. Her work over the years has served to constantly challenge, inspire and shape a new face of fashion all over the world. Slow Fashion is a beautifully crafted invitation to each of us and all of us to be a part of building the kind of world we wish to live in and leave behind. With great humanity and clarity Safia challenges conventional thinking and opens up the possibility for a better future up ahead.

Slow Fashion, Where Fashion Meets Aesthetics Book by Safia Minney

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