Slave To Fashion


Slave To Fashion is made up of interviews and micro-documentaries with the men, women and children caught up in slavery, making the clothes sold on our high streets, in Europe and the developing world. The book profiles best practice of brands and designers within the fashion industry to prove that slave-free fashion is achievable and fashion can be used to empower workers – whilst creating beautiful, competitive and accessible fashion. It provides inspiration to designers, conscious consumers, business people and policy makers alike. 

From 2015, the Modern Slavery Act requires medium to large-sized companies of £36 million or more to report on what they are doing to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains. If not, they need to declare it. Slave To Fashion brings in the facts, stories and actions we must take to eradicate modern slavery.

Published in 2017

ISBN: 978-1780263984

What Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco Age and ethical fashion ambassador, says about Slave to Fashion…

“There are 35.8 million people trapped in modern slavery today – the largest number of slaves in modern history. This is fuelled by the global demand for cheap labour – which is what makes the fast fashion industry work. It doesn’t have to be that way. Slave to Fashion while highlighting the terrible reality for millions of garment workers in the Global South, offers hope of a fairer, more ethical world and gives the reader plenty of tools to navigate a challenging fashion system.

Safia Minney brings this subject to life with her years of experience in championing workers rights. I hope you will want to join her in her mission to bring a voice to the voiceless and help be the change we all want to see.


Book Cover Slave to FASHION

What Andrew Morgan, Filmmaker, director of ‘The True Cost’ movie, Andrew Morgan, Filmmaker, director of ‘The True Cost’ movie.

“What gives this book unique power is that Safia has lived every page of it in her lifelong fight to shine a light into the darkest corners of fashion’s best-kept secrets. What emerges is a painful portrait of unnecessary suffering but also a much-needed raod map for anyone intent on making a better world.”

Andrew Morgan, Filmmaker, director of ‘The True Cost’ movie.


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