Regenerative Fashion


As our climate, ecological and social crises converge, urgent action is needed to maximize our chances of survival. A new commercial approach is possible but it requires a systemic shift, with companies learning to operate as part of a wider ‘ecosystem’, allowing fashion to restore what it has taken and redesign itself to operate within planetary boundaries.

Regenerative Fashion presents a roadmap for new ways of doing fashion.

To keep our planet safe, we must cut production and end our dependency on fossil fuels. We must also create dignified livelihoods for the millions of people working in the industry. By using low impact materials, paying factory workers and farmers a living wage and scaling up craft production, we must not only rebuild soils, ecosystems and biodiversity, but rapidly decarbonize, support communities and ensure a just transition for all.

Part guide and part manifesto, this book shares stories of our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other, divided into sections on Nature & Materials; People, Livelihoods & Crafts; and New Economy & Leadership. Fully illustrated throughout, it features interviews from best-practice designers and businesses around the world, as well as thought pieces from leading campaigners working in the fashion industry.

With a foreword by Andrew Morgan, director of ‘The True Cost’, and case studies from across the world including the Global South, as well as thought pieces from leading campaigners such as Orsola de Castro and Bel Jacobs.

Where to buy the book?

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The ebook can be bought at Hachette and on Amazon.
Also available in Japanese (Two Virgins) and Spanish translations (Blume).
The paper is FSC and the inks are plant-based, produced in Europe. Lawrence King publishers are part of Publishing Declares. 


‘This book is written by someone who knows their onions and has been campaigning, through the lens of the fashion industry for a fairer world for a long long time …. Safia Minney lays down the gauntlet, from experience , with intelligent and well thought out arguments backed up by hard to argue with facts…This book demonstrates how to achieve this common sense and nudges the reader and the fashion industry to understand the consequences of ignoring the facts’ – Wayne Hemingway, MBE, Partner

‘Builds on her incredible insights and leadership as one of our world’s foremost sustainable fashion pioneers. Regenerative Fashion is honest and clear, while also being exceptionally polite and accessible. It appropriately articulates the urgency of regenerative models as well as the beauty and joy of a better way. The examples across the fashion industry also make this vision clearly actionable for brands, and the book’s conclusion offers practical advice that enables anyone to support the regenerative revolution’ – Rebecca Ballard, Founder of The Fashion Connection and Maven Women, US

‘Wonderful – as if all that success and failure, pain and joy, false starts and breakthroughs are distilled in one beautiful, hard-hitting burst of inspirational insights and shared experiences’ – Jonathon Porritt

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