Safia Minney, MBE, captures progress in regenerative practices in fashion supply chains and starts by looking at how we can rapidly switch from fossil fuel-based materials to low-impact materials, like organic cotton, promoting ecosystem health and biodiversity and farmer livelihoods reporting from Gujarat, India. She meets organic and regenerative organic and Fairtrade cotton farmers who own their own company The Rapar & Dhrangadhra Farmers Producer Company (RDFC); and farmers supported by Suminter India Organics, part of the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA), and we learn what buyers can do to partner to with farmers to regenerate soil fertility, healthy ecosystems and social impact.
This film is part of a series for ‘The Regenerative Textiles and Fashion Project’ for fashion brands and retailers.
Filmed and edited by Marcus James
Narrated and produced by Safia Minney
Funded and supported by ACCESS, Exeter University and Middlesex University and Fergus Lyon, Patrick Elf and Andrea Werner at the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Environment and Development Research (CEEDR).
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