We are being called to wake up, to take responsibility for our actions and the cost to nature, climate and humanity of our inaction. At the same time we are being asked to learn to let go and stay flexible as change is all around us. Learning to let go of some pretty entrenched behaviour can make you feel pretty unsure, vulnerable, confused and somewhat conflicted as the brain tries to go back to its’ comfy default. I’ve long worked in communities in the global South, amongst people who experience great change and uncertainty due to poverty, I have admired their flexibility, resilience and a ‘can-do’ attitude. For the last ten years I’ve used diary planners of different types, to help me support my leadership work and stay creative, whilst being focussed. Sometimes, it would be just be me and my Planner, my mirror, my critical best friend. Important in the early days when some business people couldn’t mask their disbelief about the social primacy led ways of the company I founded, People Tree, “why put redesign your business around people and planet?” they’d chuckle, it’s pretty lonely being a maverick out there showing that a different way of doing fashion is possible.  A Planner helped me strengthen my resolve, make me more effective and help me celebrate the small wins. Today, as an advisor and Executive coach, I see how a good Planner can support my clients, many of them leaders who take a regenerative leadership approach, in reaching their personal goals and wider goals for change.

Surely, an electronic planner is the most sustainable of all?

Here’s why I designed the REAL diary Planner. Firstly, I was fed up with plastic and leather covered unsustainably-produced planners, with quotes from old-paradigm leaders FSC certified papers and made in a UK factory with ISO 14001…so, this is the most sustainable analog one for now! I do use my electronic calendar alongside my REAL Planner. One is a scheduling tool full of Zoom meetings, my planner is a self-coaching tool, and helps me do my thinking and planning work and manage my day to a bigger set of gaols, both personal and professional. It’s my bosom buddy; it helps stay inspired, juggle my work tasks and projects, give deadlines the thinking and doing time they need, and gives space for personal and professional development reflection, whilst making sure I’m giving myself enough time for connection with nature, friends and family and healthier, sustainable living. The REAL Planner, will help you: Organise and stop Agonising. All profits go to www.REALsustainability.org a CIC promoting sustainable Living and Leadership.

There’s still a few days to Pre-order yours now, and get a big discount, for delivery by 21 December for 2021 planning and in time for Christmas gifting. You’ll be invited to join me on our Zoom webinar on ‘How to use Your REAL Planner’. There’s one in January too! 😀


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