Caryn Franklin became one of my closest friends after visiting Bangladesh in 2014 together to meet injured victims and families of the garment factory workers that lost their lives in the Rana Plaza building collapse the year before – and to understand the difference that Fair Trade Fashion makes.

Safia Minney and Caryn Franklin, Rana Plaza 1 year on

On the morning of the disaster, I was on a plane leaving Bangladesh and on reaching London heard the news. We immediately launched the Rag Rage campaign at People Tree and raised money to distribute rice and essential supplies to the effected families through the National Garment Workers Federation an organisation I had campaigned with for over 20 years.

watch the video here:

The brands who made garments at the Rana Plaza factory took a disgraceful amount of time to own up and take responsibility. Thanks to media coverage, the public pressure here and of people in Bangladesh and international campaigning organisations and unions, the Accord, that had been prepared by campaigning groups, was finally signed by the majority of large brands.

Today 90% of large scale factories have been checked and are considered safe, however, this is NOT the case in other garment producing countries AND prices and delivery times for clothes in Bangladesh has fallen 10%, which means that workers are being exploited and pushed more than ever.

This movement NEEDS you – please share info and help us bring more people into the movement.

Virtually visit Bangladesh here with Caryn and I to learn more and understand why we need to do fashion differently.

The London Sustainable Fashion Rooms, curated by Po-Zu showcases many of the ethical and fair trade pioneers like People Tree, Howies, Lowie, Wear the Walk, Brother We Stand, and the workshops running tonight:

Friday 27th April:


EVENT: 16:00-19:00 People Tree – Behind the Brand – Find out how we do things differently. By donation, Register here

For one evening you will be invited to come and meet the People behind People Tree.

Saturday 28th April:


EVENT: 11:00-12:00 The New Frontier – Broadening the Media Debate on Ethical Fashion and The Vegan Revolution, £7 Register here.

Panel: Safia Minney – MBE, author, activist, MD of Po-Zu & founder of People Tree, Kate Arnell – British television presenter/Eco Blogger, Bel Jacobs – Fashion, Style, Beauty & Culture, previously Style Editor for Metro, Tansy Hoskins – author of Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion, political commentator on the BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera and Channel 4’s Ten O’Clock Live, Zoe Partridge – founder of Wear the Walk, Lara Balsam – Lara runs a London-based vegan charity, and blogs at, where she serves up big helpings of ethical food and fashion

This will help raise awareness and galvanise and inspire a new generation of change makers and help raise money for NGWF.

Special thanks to Caryn Franklin for accompanying me on this trip, and for continued support and friendship.

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