Episode 7: XR Fashion Boycott & XR Fashion Action

Talking to Safia are:

Bel Jacobs, member of XR Boycott Fashion team, former fashion editor for Metro, sustainable fashion writer and speaker, climate change and animal rights activist.

Alice Wilby, member of XR Boycott Fashion team , stylist and sustainable fashion consultant and activist focussing on climate emergency.

Sara Arnold, member of XR Boycott Fashion team, founder of fashion Rental Company, Higher Studio.

Hannah Standen, XR Fashion Action and campaigner focusing on sustainable fashion.

She discusses XR’s request to the British Fashion Council to replace London Fashion Week with a Citizen’s Assembly and finds out what actions the organization will be taking on the streets of London from September 13th to highlight fashion’s contribution to the “human suffering and animal suffering, on a scale impossible to hold in our head”.

How do we change the “excessive” and “grotesque” 80s fashion business model to retain the creative industry yet support workers who rely on its trade and protect the future of the planet ? What can we do as individuals to change the future of fashion?

Sara, Bel, Hannah and Alice offer powerful insights into fashion’s role in the climate crisis and how can we use the power of fashion to regenerate.


XR Fashion Action
XR Boycott Fashion
North London Uprising
The Deliberate Rebellion
Higher Studio

XR boycott fashion Safia Minney and guests
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