Join the Shoe Revolution

It’s a delight to put your experience to the TEST in a completely new product sector – this time for shoes rather than clothes and organic foods….

In January 2017, I started working as Managing Director with Po-Zu’s wonderful founder Sven Segal.  Before long, I was learning about the basics of shoe making and visiting factories in Portugal, developing the communications and the branding to show people how their shoes are made.

Safia Minney QUOTEBoth the heritage shoe collection and the Star Wars collaboration have had fabulous feedback at various trade shows across Europe, and we’ve found that mixing geeks into the process is really fun and a healthy cross-over: everyone wants ethical shoes with great design and at the right price points.

I started my research through my Fair Trade network and contacts in Asia and found a way of putting together an ethical shoe supply chain that uses Fair Rubber, organic cotton and a factory that is open to committing to producing quality shoes and improving its ethical standards.

We are very excited by the significant growth opportunity the Sri Lanka ethical footwear line brings to the company in terms of cost reduction, improvement in margin, and the impact this will provide to develop a successful wholesale business internationally.

Sri Lanka has recently enjoyed peace after years of internal conflict, and the island is as beautiful as the smiles of the people. I hope that you will help me to share this Crowd Cube link and raise funds to expand our ethical line and help me transform Po-Zu into the go-to Ethical footwear brand.

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