This is Zandra’s second season showing her clothing collection in London. A designer better known for her bags and accessories so far in London, Zandra’s clothing designs have always been big with Americans.

“I wanted to bring movement and character to my clothes,” says Zandra of her latest London stage. Her presentation has 16 models swaying and walking around on an island installed in the middle of a well-refreshed, well DJ’d, well-lit hall at The ICA. What I love about Zandra’s presentation is that it reminds me of the theatre of Alexander McQueen’s ‘Savage Beauty’ but in place of mannequins Zandra presents us with real women.


There is something very real and wonderful about the event. Zandra’s collection, the care with which she has directed every detail of the production, the guests that span her decades working in fashion, the new ethical and eco brigade who know and love our work together at People Tree and the amazing collections she’s designed with us in organic cotton.

Zandra, 75, is such a hard worker, travelling with me around India and Bangladesh, her energy levels are incredible and we share the same love of textiles and craft skills.

What I love about her collection tonight is that I can see her bold prints and graphics echoing some of the gorgeous textiles that we admired together in Bangladesh. There are at least 3 dresses I would love to own.

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