Delighted to see DEAL (Doughnut Economics Action Lab) team launch a Tool 191  for businesses. In the webinar below, Erinch Sahan, explains how it can be used to transform the design of your business. It’s designed as a 4-5 hour workshop and open-source and has been trialled across 300 organisations so far. It starts by mapping the businesses impact and looking at regenerative and distributive ambitions. It asks what holds back the business to unlock those transformational ideas and actions.

The tool allows teams to look at the current business model and what forces us to ask: How much financial value can be extracted from the enterprise? How many benefits can we generate by redesigning the enterprise? It looks at redistributive ideas and what blocks behaviour to tackle inequality and marginalisation. The unlocking of transformational ideas is possible through “suspending practicality, encouraging broader perspectives, long-term thinking and a culture of courage…moving away from outdated processes, rigid financial targets, short-term thinking and a culture of hierarchy,” Erinch explains. Broader voices means bringing in other stakeholders like suppliers, customers, employees, etc.

This all makes perfect sense and was central to how I set up People Tree 31 years ago, to benefit all stakeholders, for example, its operations have a critical path that made time for Fair Trade hand production to promote livelihoods in rural areas in the global south, etc.

Excited to see this resource available. Congratulations DEAL team.

For Tools see DEAL Tool 191.

Hear more about the Tool here.

Doughnut Economics Action Lab for Business

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