Broken Fashion – sustainability and workers’ rights

Millie Mackintosh at Slow Fashion event

With the BBC asking today “Can the ‘broken’ fashion industry become more sustainable?” Safia Minney writes: “Slow fashion has a low-environmental impact and high -social impact. It transforms lives and communities. The current fast fashion model is dysfunctional, being highly exploitative and polluting. We need to use clothing as a tool for change by increasing […]

Austria, DariaDaria and the Clean Clothes Campaign

Safia Minney in Vienna

A guest in Vienna, with DariaDaria and the Clean Clothes Campaign This week Safia visited Vienna, to speak at the beautiful arthouse cinema GartenbauKino in the heart of the Austrian city. ENTUZIASM KinobetriebsGmbH have been organizing events  since 2016, on different environmental issues, from Zero Waste to Minimalism, from Water to the Paris Climate Conference. Safia […]

United Nations’ “World Day of Social Justice”


20 February 2018 is the United Nations’ “World Day of Social Justice” This year’s theme is Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice. Safia writes: I started as a human rights activist, then became an ecologist and then realised that I needed to become a social entrepreneur to prove that business could be done […]

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