BRAZIL and the Fair Trade Movement – Fair Trade Innovates

"Fair Trade is a way to make a difference, it gives an opportunity for workers to control their future." Fair Trade Innovates We need BIG solutions for international business and trade now. And the Fair Trade movement has a lot to offer the debate in the work that...

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Human Trafficking : Episode 3 in our series of videos

Human Trafficking Safia Minney writes: There is a poster at one of my favourite Fair Trade projects that always haunted me. Warning villages to beware of human traffickers and to protect their children from them. I couldn’t imagine how in this beautiful village of...

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Broken Fashion – sustainability and workers’ rights

With the BBC asking today "Can the 'broken' fashion industry become more sustainable?" Safia Minney writes: "Slow fashion has a low-environmental impact and high -social impact. It transforms lives and communities. The current fast fashion model is dysfunctional,...

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Austria, DariaDaria and the Clean Clothes Campaign

A guest in Vienna, with DariaDaria and the Clean Clothes Campaign This week Safia visited Vienna, to speak at the beautiful arthouse cinema GartenbauKino in the heart of the Austrian city. ENTUZIASM KinobetriebsGmbH have been organizing events  since 2016, on...

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Po-Zu launches The Christmas Sustainable Style Edit

Sustainable Style Edit Could there be a clearer message from our planet, than the climate change of this summer and last few weeks, that we need to live more sustainably? The anti-plastics debate has hotted up too, with supermarkets moving to ban plastics from its...

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